VS Fundraiser Pricing (TRF)

VS Fundraiser (TRF) is a fundraising app that is coupled to Voter-Science’s fundraising database and provides an easy interface for making fundraising calls.


Campaigns get specific lists for their district. Each list pulls names from the PDC and then appends proprietary Voter-Science data. The list only includes individuals whose cumulative donations are greater than $100.

  • Access is for the ’20 calendar year.
  • All data access is exclusively through the TRF app. You can’t copy and download it to CSV.
  • Purchases are made per-campaign.
  • Prices are listed per-record, but you must purchase the entire list. You can not purchase just fractions of a list.

The base cost is $.50/record. The base includes:

  1. public PDC data
  2. Modeled Data (Based on a generic GOP):
    1. Priority  (who to call first)
    2. Suggested donation ask
    3. Propensity to donate

You can optionally purchase email ($1/record matched) and/or phone contacts ($1/record matched) for the entire list.  We only charge for contacts that we can match and provide:

For example,

If we have 1000 names for a specific campaign, the base price is $.50/record * 1000 records = $500 to get the list.

In addition to the base price, you can choose to buy emails and phones. Say we have 250 emails and 320 phones for that list. You could buy emails ($250) or phones ($320) or both ($570).