TRC Pricing

TRC is our mobile canvassing and data mashup platform. Learn more here.

TRC offers a free tier to get your campaign started, and a Standard tier to keep up with your campaign as it grows.

Free tier

TRC offers a broad free-tier ideal for downticket campaigns on a tight budget. Anybody can go to , bring your own data file, and get started immediately!

This includes support for our mobile applications and many of the plugins such as filtering, geofencing, and basic reporting.

Restrictions on free tier:

  • Imports limited to 500 rows (enough to do a precinct or neighborhood)
  • Restricted to standard questions

Standard Tier 

$100 per cycle.

We offer billing for the entire primary cycle (rather than per-monthly) so that there’s no extra cost to start early – we want you to be able to get started canvassing right away.  The primary cycle is considered to start from the last general election up to the primary. The general cycle is from after the primary through the end of the month of the general.

The standard tier has everything in the free tier and extends the limits:

  • imports of 10,000 rows.
  • Custom questions
  • Daily data refreshes
  • Unlimited users


Custom Tier

Please contact us at if you have custom requests such as:

  • sizes greater than 100k records.
  • directly integrating with a custom data-source such as your own CRM.
  • need for custom plugin development or custom reporting