NationBuilder Integration

Voter-Science TRC has full integration with NationBuilder.

Why TRC?

  • No per-user license. Assign to as many canvassers as you have available.
  • Field coordinators can have permission to TRC and do assignments without requiring full permission to your nation. 
  • Real-time reporting on all user activity. 
  • Full bi-directional NationBuilder integration. Reliably push results back to your Nation via survey answers and tags. And refresh existing canvass sheets when your Nation is updated.
  • Append data from other sources (like modeling, voter files, and targeting) after your import. 
  • TRC has mobile phone clients and can also fully run in a browser with HTML5.
  • TRC offers a free community edition and the best pricing plan on the market.

Here are steps to get started:

Step 1: Contact to setup a TRC account for your race.

Step 2: In your nation, create your list and survey questions in your nation.

Step 3: Then visit to import your NationBuilder List and survey into TRC.


Which takes you to this and lets you pick from your NB list & Survey.


Step 4: You can then view your sheets at either or on the mobile devices. As volunteers answer questions in TRC, the results are automatically pushed to your NationBuilder survey and tags are populated in NationBuilder.