Handling Matchbacks

Here’s how to add “who has voted” (matchbacks) to a Canvasser account.   Once they’re adding, you can benefit from the Ballot chase features like GOTV reporting and strike throughs on names.


[1] Get the matchbacks as a CSV file with a 1 header row and a single column containing the statevoter ids for who has voted. This can usually be obtained from your county auditor or Secretary of State.

  • The file can’t have any duplicate records.
  • It must be the state voter ids so that it matches the primary key column (“RecId”) in your sandbox. In Washington State, the IDs will look like “WA123456789”.

[2] Use the DataUploader tool to upload this as a “semantic” to your account.

Add your file to Dropbox, and then Canvasser can connect to dropbox and pull from it. Being on Dropbox will also allow Canvasser to pull updates later.

[3] Use the DataUploader tool to add this semantic as an XVoted column in your account. There is a convenient section at the top of DataUploader to add special columns like XVoted.upload-set-targets

  • A single semantic can be applied to many accounts. 
  • It can take several minutes to apply the semantic.


[4] To refresh the Matchbacks:

  • First update the file on Dropbox. You must replace the file  – if you rename the original file than Dropbox gets confused.
  • Then use “Refresh” in the DataUploader (next to the semantic in the middle of the page) to have Canvasser pull the updated file from Dropbox.
  • Then use “Refresh” in the DataUploader (at the very bottom) to apply the updated file to your sheet.


[5] To remove Matchbacks 

Delete the XVoted column.