GOP DataCenter FAQ

Voter-Science TRC  has direct API integration with the GOP DataCenter. GOP DC is the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) nation-wide voter targeting database.  It contains the voter files and is augmented with “tags” and microtargeting data such as generic party id.  Access to GOP DataCenter is granted by the RNC on a state-by-state basis.

GOP DC is a database (source of data), whereas TRC is a canvassing application (a tool) that sits on top of a database.

Ultimately, our philosophy is that a one-size-fits-all-tool is not realistic across the broad spectrum of 1000s of campaigns, each having their own critical requirements. There are many canvassing tools available, each with their own strengths, and campaigns should use the tools that are best for them. But for campaigns managed by the party, it’s important for county and state coordinators to get the canvassing results back in a uniform  way in GOPDC, regardless of which tool is used in the field.  Specifically:

  1. Tools should be using the same script.
  2. Tools should be sending the same tags back to GOP DC.

When a TRC account is connected to GOP DC, this means that canvassing results are immediately uploaded to the RNC (with 10 minutes) and the tags will be visible in GOP DataCenter usually within an hour. This happens automatically and does not require any human intervention.

There are several modes here:

[1] Upload-only: Connect an existing sandbox to GOPDC 

In this case, you’ve already created a TRC account at by directly uploading a CSV file. You can configure your account to upload canvassing results to GOPDC.

If you download a CSV from GOP DataCenter and load that into TRC, you are responsible for complying with GOP DataCenter’s licensing agreement that you agreed to to get access. This includes sharing your canvassing results back with GOP DataCenter.   You can accomplish this by either:

a) manually downloading your canvassing results from TRC (perhaps via the Blame plugin) and manually uploading them to GOP DC
b) Send a mail to (and CC your state party) asking Voter-Science to connect your TRC account to GOPDC.


[2] Full-connection: download voter records from GOPDC and upload results. 

If you have your own API Key from the RNC, you can directly use it with TRC at .  

In this case, the voter records are coming from GOP DataCenter (instead of a CSV file, like in the previous scenario), and the results are being automatically uploaded back to GOP DataCenter (just as they are in the previous scenario).

Even when you pull data from GOP DataCenter, you can still merge in additional data sets in TRC which you can then use in your targeting.


Miscellaneous notes:

  1. Even when a TRC account is connected to GOP DataCenter, that does not grant TRC users  direct access to GOP DataCenter.