Voter-Science Doorbelling App

Voter-Science TRC is an open-source canvassing app created in 2015 and being used by 100s of campaigns across the country, ranging from city council to statewide races. It connects to a variety of data sources, including RNC’s DataCenter, Voter-Science, NationBuilder, Salesforce, or you can bring your own data set.

TRC is easy-to-use and provides a free offering for down ticket campaigns. Anybody can bring their own data and .

TRC is about making you effective. That’s why:

  1. We have a free offering to get you started, and an affordable Pricing model to scale to larger areas.
  2. We have a unique data architecture that guarantees your data will never get overwritten.
  3. We have an open system that is connects to your data source and is customizable.
  4. We support unlimited canvassers per account – no silly upcharges or penalties to bring on more volunteers
  5. We support free daily data refreshes – no silly upcharges to get the latest data, such as a list of who’s voted during a ballot chase.
  6. We encourage innovation by having an extensibility model for developers.
  7. We take privacy seriously, have a robust security and audit model, and never resell your data.

TRC is more than just a canvassing app; it provides the full stack to handle a data-lifecycle for a campaign.

TRC is deal for several different audiences…

For Canvassers

If you got an invitation as a canvasser on an existing campaign, here’s how to get started immediately…

Download our free Mobile apps for iOS and Android!

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You can also run TRC in a browser on any device:

  • The List View explained  (YouTube)- TRC’s main view is a “list view” that looks like a digital clipboard. This is ideal for candidates that are more familiar with paper lists and clipboards.
  • Map View  (YouTube )  – TRC has the standard “map with pins” view.

You can also print out the results and work off the paper lists. But be sure to enter your data back into TRC to get maximum benefit from the other great features like reporting.

For Field Coordinators

TRC is also ideal for managing field operations. Here is more information on tasks for coordinators:

  1. Sharing – TRC make is easy to share out canvassing sheets with both paid canvassers and new volunteers.
  2. Partitioning – You can split up a large sheet by Filtering and Geofencing, and then share the individual sections out with canvassers.
  3. TRC lets you explore the data via filtering and then set targeted voters.   You can even Uploading your own data  (hosted on your Dropbox) and merge those into multiple sheets and use them in your filtering.
  4. Security model (Sandbox and Data isolation) –
  5. Editing questions – TRC provides default questions, but you can also customize your surveys.
  6. Reporting – see how your field team is doing and monitor activity in real time with reports like Audit  (for seeing reports on the data you or your canvassers have entered) 
  7. Ballot-Chase – See ballot chase features for help in your get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts.
  8. Ultimately, you can stop sharing CSV files and accomplish your tasks more effectively.

TRC is distributed system – any canvasser can also act as a field coordinator for their area. This means if you’re assigned an area of 1000 voters, you can turn around and use filtering and geofencing to split that area up amongst 5 volunteers and then monitor their activity.

This ability to create a manageable distributed hierarchy lets you easily manage large multi-million-voter statewide campaign in TRC.


For Developers

TRC is an open-source system. This means it has an API and extensibility model that lets you write your own “plugins” and integrate TRC with other systems.

Most of TRC, including the reports, filtering, and map views and actually just plugins and use the same public APIs that the mobile applications use too.

TRC’s developer story is a win-win: Campaigns can run plugins knowing they’re safe and undergone a security review by Voter-Science. Developers can quickly write plugins and know that their ideas will benefit real campaigns.

Please contact us at to learn more.

For Data analysts

For data-providers or analysts, TRC gives you a means to share your data with real campaigns in a safe way.  You can upload your models, share with specific clients, and they can filter and browse them without downloading.

So stop sharing CSV files, put your CSV in a TRC account and share via TRC!