Campaign Accounts

A Voter-Science “campaign account” is a dedicated private-database just for your campaign. Campaign Accounts aren’t just a precinct at a time – it includes all the voters in your district so that you can get accurate reporting on your race.  You can use it for door-to-door ground game via VS Canvasser (TRC) , managing targeting, and election result reporting.

Every campaign should have a Voter Science campaign account! You can bring your own data and set one up yourself at , or contact to set one up for you.

Some benefits of a Campaign Account:

  1. Private database just for your campaign. Secure by default so that even primary opponents can each have their own during the primary.
  2. You own the data that you collect and never lose access.  If you spend 50 hours hitting the doors, that data is yours and you deserve the credit!
  3. You can conveniently share your data with anybody else: your team; other campaigns; or external sources like GOP DataCenter,  NationBuilder and Salesforce via direct integrations.
  4. You can determine the survey and questions.
  5. You can merge in additional data from any data source (including dropbox) and pick the targets specifically for you, rather than use some generic partisan targeting.
  6. Live data that’s online and you can avoid having to handle as CSV files. This keeps your data refreshed, helps you audit usage, and lets you maintain control.