8th Congressional Statistics

With Dave Reichert’s (R) announcement that he won’t seek reelection to Washington’s 8th Congressional District, it becomes an open seat.  Here are some basic statistics about the district that may influence which candidates file to replace Reichert.


Past Election results

Ballotpedia has a historical summary of the district.  The district became more red after the 2010 redistricting, and Reichert has been winning reelection with around 60%.

The district leans red and has about a +7% GOP advantage relative to WA state overall.  Here’s how other candidates did in that district:

GOP  Candidate  in ’16 Result in CD8 Result Statewide Difference
Secretary of State Kim Wyman 62% 54% +8%
Congress Reichert 60%
Governor Bill Bryant 54% 45% +9%
Senate Vance 48% 41% +7%
President Trump [1] 45% 38% +7%

[1] In the presidential race, Hillary Clinton got 48% and the remaining candidates got 7%.  The other races had two candidates.

Downticket Districts

Here’s some basic analysis of downticket districts that overlaps the 8th CD.  

Here are the Legislative Districts that overlap the 8th, sorted from most overlap to least. The most likely source of candidates would be a legislator from one of these districts.

Legislative District % of the 8th CD in this LD
5 18%
31 18%
47 15%
12 12%
2 7%
30 6%
13 6%
41 5%
45 4%
11 3%
25 2%
28 1%
33 1%

The 8th CD also is split across several counties:

County % of 8th CD in this county
King 58%
Pierce 24%
Chelan 10%
Kittitas 6%
Douglas 2%

There are about 50 cities that overlap the 8th CD.

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