How to filter lists

TRC lets you filter your lists.  The filter will create  a new share code that lets you then share your filtered view with others  or use your filtered view with other parts of TRC like printing and maps.

You can access filtering via the standard list view.  Click the filter icon in the top-left view:


Select the filter accordingly. Be sure to include a name for the filter (highlighted in yellow) and then click “apply”

Common things to filter on are:

  • History –   this is how likely somebody is to actually vote.
  • Party Id  – this is the party affiliation.


It’s important to give the filter a name.

That will take you back to the list and you’ll see your new filter.


Click on “walking list” next to that filter, and you’re now viewing just within the filter.

You can click “share this” to share just this filter with another volunteer.

You can click “view entire walking list” to get back to the full list and possible create new filters.


Technical notes

Filtering creates a new “child” sheet that applies a filter-expression to extract a subset of the rows from the original (“parent”) sheet. The filter creates a a view that shares the same sandbox as the original sheet, so all changes in the child are instantly visible in the parent. However, the child sheet still maintains its own history tracking and audit logs.




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