Sharing with TRC

You first receive access to TRC via a “canvass code” or a secret URL. Normally, this arrives in an email to you.

The code is an 8-12 digit secret code that uniquely identifies you. It’s effectively a password. You can enter this in the starting webpage or on the phone apps.

For convenience, the code can also be directly embedded in a URL like this so that a single click takes you straight to your sheet:

Don’t share this url with anybody!


Facebook login

For larger areas, such as an entire Legislative District, TRC may also prompt you for a Facebook login. We use Facebook because:

  1. It’s convenient. Nobody wants to remember yet another password.
  2. Facebook is a secure system and has advanced security features like two-factor-authentication.
  3. We want the extra security when handling larger amounts of data.

For smaller areas, such as individual precincts with just a few hundred voters, you don’t need a Facebook login.

If you’re logged in with Facebook, then TRC can also remember the list of codes you’ve visited and will display them at the homepage, at:

Sharing sections of your sheet with new volunteers

Suppose you’re granted a code for an entire city with 10,000 voters.

You can share out individual precincts with volunteers. On the main screen, you’ll see a list of the precincts and a “share this” button:



When you hit the “Share this…” button, you can enter an email address and short personal message.



And then the volunteer will get an email with their own canvas code (just for their precinct) and their own url link. They can receive the email on their smartphone and open the app directly from there and be ready to go.

This code will be different than your original code. Unique codes let the system identify different users.


Who can I share with?

You could share a single precinct with multiple people and each would get their own unique code. This lets you identify each individual.

TRC does not charge per-user, so you are encouraged to share with as many people as you need.

Revoking codes

You can also revoke codes that you’ve shared out. For example, you may do this if you typed in the wrong email address.

Geek stuff

What a code is really doing is giving you access to a sandbox. You can share  a single sandbox with multiple people and use the per-user code to track which user is accessing the sandbox. By default, a legislative district split into precincts means that each precinct is a child sandbox.

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