“Blame” is a free reporting plugin for TRC to help you analyze canvassing results.  Blame provides easy pivots (“business intelligence”) on the data collected by your canvassers. This helps you answer key questions that lead to action:

  1. How many doors did your team hit per day?
  2. Who exactly did you contact and what was the result? Pull the details into excel for further analysis.
  3. How many supporters did you identify?
  4. What was the specific result for each canvasser?  Which volunteers should be rewarded and which need more coaching?
  5. Are there suspicious trends in the data?

(The name Blame comes from similar tools in the software industry that developers use to find who edited a file and introduced a bug)

Opening Blame

You can launch Blame from the plugin menu:


Or by appending &plugin=Blame2 at the end of your login link.


TRC tracks each individual edit supplied by a user. An edit includes not only the actual change to the sheet (“voter #5472 is a supporter”), but also timestamps, geo location, user id, and even which plugin made the edit.

Basic Views

There’s a timeline chart showing you edits per day. You can use the slider bar at the bottom to zoom in on a range, such as a super Saturday.


Blame provides pivots. For example, you can see number of supporters identified and by whom.



Blame also presents a “grid view” of all the individual edits. This provides a convenient way to see just the values that have changed. You can view and download all the edits in a single spreadsheet:


If a single record has multiple changes, blame will flag it and let you drill into more detail and see the exact history.



This can be useful to identify records changed by multiple people.

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