Prepping for the ‘16 General

Washington State is a vote-by-mail state and voters have about 3 weeks before the election to mail in their ballots.  Voter-Science tracks the ballots that are received and then names are automatically crossed off in the TRC list. 

Currently, crossed off names refer to the WA Aug ‘16 primary election. This week, we’ll be resetting this in preparation for the Nov ‘16 general election

We’ve delayed this reset because users requested that the strikeouts remain after the primary so that they could focus canvassing efforts on people that didn’t vote in the primary .

For example, in the screen shot below, Nancy and Marvin have already voted and so their names have been automatically crossed off.


This is critical for get-out-the-vote: if somebody has already cast their ballot, no need to contact them further for gotv.

This may also cause some pins to reappear on your targeted lists and maps.

The map view just shows pins and doesn’t show strikethroughs. So a common pattern is to use a map view with a targeted list that filters out people who voted.  The reset will cause primary voters to show up again.

Technical details

1. Under the covers, this is the “XVoted” column.  It’s a ‘1’ if the ballot has been received.

2. For map users, a common “Targeted voters” filter is “IsFalse(XVoted) && IsTrue(XTargetPri)”.   This means “only include people whose ballot is not yet received and who are on the targeted list”. 

3. There is some delay between when a person puts their ballot into the mail, it’s received by the county auditor, and the auditor reports having received it. This is tracked per-county, and counties report at different speeds.  This means that if you see a name crossed off, you can be confident the ballot was received.

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