Free Canvassing App

TRC is a free open-source canvassing app being used by 100s of campaigns across the country. TRC connects to a variety of data sources, including Voter-Science, NationBuilder, Salesforce, or you can bring your own data set.

You can request a new account by emailing

A TRC account includes walking lists, maps, a mobile door-to-door canvassing app, get-out-the-vote reporting, usage reporting, and licenses to share with an unlimited number of campaign staff and volunteers.

Here are written tutorials for additional documentation:

  1. Sharing with TRC – understanding your “canvass code” and how to share with others.
  2. The List View explained – explain how to use the primary “ListView”.
  3. The Map view explained – how to use the Map View, which provides the standard mobile canvassing app experience.
  4. The “sandbox” and data isolation – explain the data isolation and security model
  5. How to filter lists for use with the map and printing
  6. You can also print out the results and work off the paper lists. But be sure to enter your data back into TRC to get maximum benefit from the other great features like reporting.

Here are some 90-second YouTube tutorials for TRC:

  1. Basic intro, canvas with clipboard (grid) view
  2. Canvassing with a Map view

Also, with the ballot chase underway, check out some useful plugins:

  1. Turnout – for seeing how your district or precinct has voted so far.
  2. Blame – for seeing reports on the data you or your canvassers have entered.

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