Analytics Blog Entry Contest with a Cash Prize

Voter-Science is hosting a contest with a $500 cash prize! The winner will be announced at the TechRoanoke conference on May 14th. You can register for the conference here.

The challenge is to write a blog entry demonstrating data, statistics, and analytics as applied to the campaign or political sphere. Possible ideas:

  • Propose an algorithm for rating the quality of predictions on party id.
  • Show statistically which is easier: winning a single statewide race or winning the majority of legislative seats?
  • Show a unique visualization that makes an argument on a pertinent issue.
  • See an example of showing voter database decay rate.

Articles will be judged by Voter-Science and appear on the voter-science blog. Criteria include a) technical rigor, b) innovation and relevance, c) general blog quality.

1st place prize is $500 in cash. 2nd place is $250.
Feel free to ask for any clarifications.

Entries must be submitted to by May 12 8am PST.

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