Success in the Age of Populist Politics

Welcome to the age of populist politics. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have upended traditional politics on both ends of the political spectrum.
Love him or hate him, the conservative establishment has ignored the Trump phenomenon at their own peril. For months, we’ve heard how Trump was going to self-immolate at any moment. How his supporters are crazy bitter clingers. How Trump wasn’t a serious candidate. Now he’s the Republican front runner.

In the Democratic camp, the political party bosses have done everything to put out the flames of the Bernie Sanders revolution in favor of the establishment pick: Hillary Clinton. However, her numerous problems ranging from Benghazi to email servers has disenfranchised many in the traditional Democrat voting base. At Republican caucus locations across Washington, there were even reports of Democrat defectors attending to switch to the Republican party.

The political landscape is shifting out from underneath the traditional political order. A populist revolt is afoot in our great nation that will re-write the rules of politics. Zibignew Bryzenski is on the record stating that the world has never been more politically awake and engaged than it is now. Voters are engaged, angry, and ready for change that goes beyond the normal “throw the bums out”. The old order has been turned on its ear, and the old rules no longer apply.

The mantra, “Know your voter”, has never been more apt.

Voter Science was formed to help candidates and activist groups navigate the stormy seas of electoral politics. The upending of traditional politics heralds an age of opportunity for those able to seize upon it. Those who win in this new environment will be those who best understand and connect with the needs of the electorate and make effective use of data, tech, and analytics.

In order to be successful, hear are some things to consider:

  • Be relevant to connect with the voter: the same old tired talking points are not going to cut it anymore.
  • Drop the clipboard and go mobile: use electronic means to capture data while canvassing or phone banking
  • Own your brand: some Presidential candidates failed to lock down their own internet domain names (e.g. Donald Trump’s takeover of Be sure to claim your name in cyberspace before your opponent does.
  • Be smart and use data: use data to micro-target voters and focus your campaign’s efforts
  • Be willing to risk in order to learn: A/B testing is at the heart of email and direct marketing. Constantly test and refine your messaging and your reach throughout the campaign cycle.

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